STURMPERCHT - Geister im Waldgebirg CD (white)


SVENSKA LIKBRÄNNINGSFÖRENINGEN - Vi ska resa ett eldens tempel i Bromölla CD


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Release of 2021.

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies, comes as 4-panels digipak, matte lamination, gold embossed, 12-pgs. booklet with lyrics.

Svartskaldr (formerly Skverna) has been around for about 10 years. During this period, the composition of the group changed frequently. When Nikita Davydov (Nordloth) joined the music band, they recorded their first full-length album that was permeated with a pagan spirit and notes of occultism. The album consisted of three complementary parts with three songs in each. 

The first part refers to the dark Slavic deities Chernobog, Chernomat' and Veles, and is inspired by the creations of Volkhv Veleslav.
"Oh, Chernobog! Oh, Father-Destroyer!
Wake up from your sleep and hear our song.
The Lord of Nav' and the Hidden World,
You are the King and Father who rules in the Dark"

The second is a transition period that ends with a narrative about inevitable death, to which everything that exists is marching with leaps and bounds.

The third, in turn, shows an alternative development of events through
"The Rebellion against the modern world", cutting off everything false and redundant from oneself, and the return to the roots.
"With the Witchcraft is our
Fatherland glorious

The winds in the field howl with grief
Across my land
Sing, soul, that homeland
Belongs to you"

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