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VUKOVAR - The Body Abdicator CD

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Brands Other Voices Records
Product Code: VOX 72 CD
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Release of June 25, 2022.
Comes as CD in deluxe matte laminated 4-panel digipak, limited edition of 200 copies.

Following 'THE COLOSSALIST' and 'THE GREAT IMMUREMENT' and continuing the death-life commitment to their grave loss, VUKOVAR's final step in their obsessive memorial device to Simon Morris is 'THE BODY ABDICATOR'. With the last twitches of the NeuPopAct, the perpetually reorganizing group have collided and colluded to now present their 10th LP and final part of the Eternity Ends Here triptych; the most ambitious thing attempted by the group and the most wrapped in turmoil. Joined by Gea Philes, this is a metaphysical and esoteric wasteland disguised as a pop album.
VUKOVAR formed in a crumbling placefiller of a town in 2014. They were always dying and reorganized after cease-to-exist in 2019. Effete artists pretending to be northern hardcases pretending to be uniform fetishists in iconoclast drag. "Do not trust us; we are fragile stars."

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