SHRINE - Distorted Legends, Pt.3 7"EP


SICKRITES - Irreverent Death Megaliths Pic-LP

SHRINE and MYTRIP - Descent 7"EP

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Brands Corvus Records
Product Code: CRVS022V
Availability: 2

Release of 2022

A two-track collaboration between two key Bulgarian ambient acts: Shrine and Mytrip.
Sharing a passion for loud and textural ambient sounds, they delved deeper into organic sounds and looping tonal layers, which are intertwined with sparse industrial soundscapes. This brief musical offering successfully showcases both artists’ signature takes on ambient.
The heavyweight sound production, courtesy of Shrine, makes "Descent" a memorable experience, certainly worthy of the vinyl treatment.

Limited edition of 250 copies. Comes in 7" gatefold-sleeve.

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