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Brands Beverina & Casus Belli Musica
Product Code: BP 131 / CBM 091CD
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Release date April 22, 2022

Limited edition of 200 copies, comes as 6-panels matte laminated digipak, CD with pit-art.

"Der Eskapist" is the nearly 50-minute debut album of Zornestrieb. It was created by Surtur, who founded the project in 2009. 3 years were spent working on the concept album, which combines old and new material. Inspired by dark places and moods, inner struggles, the abysses of human history and black romance, this album represents the cornerstone of the project's future output.

7 emotional tracks have taken their place on the album to tell about deeply dramatic experiences of the escapist. Framed and enveloped by epochal guitars and synthesizers, the bass that prances across the narrow bridge of life, the mostly crushing sound is shaped with a driving percussion and aggressive vocals of Surtur. Delicate choirs and an aesthetically, soothing female voice accompany the escapist through his darkest hours, audibly exploding the emotionality.

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