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2024 re-eidtion of the legendary tape out in 1995.
Comes as CD in a A5 digipak in a limited edition of 300 copies.

SADO VISION was a very obscure, S/M & fetishist industrial project from Italy.
Clearly inspired by erotic transgressions they attracted the attention of admirers of the most radical and provocative industrial sound.
Leaded by the Milanese Luca Leuca (aka Leucon) and the unidentified Reverend K, Sado-Vision transformed the concept of studio recording, giving life to real performances in which create musical compositions.
Thanks to the crazy attitude of Anjela Water, who defined herself as a "bodysound artist", and the contribution of the keyboardist Vibran D, the vocalist C.L.. Hysteria, and the technical help of Valmat, Leucon put together enough energy to create his first project, released in 1995 with the simple title "Sado Vision".
The pounding rhythms, the strident frequencies, the electronic clangs that run through and accompany the thin thread of the story were entirely produced using voice and the body, filtering and processing each sound with digital processors and reassembling everything in an anarchically organic way.
A very good example in the industrial-experimental scene of what can be produced in a studio without using traditional instruments.

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