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PROTEAN - The Burning Centuries CD

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The Burning Centuries by Latvian Black Metal project Protean is a musical journey through the history and various nations, focusing on the tales of their warfare, mythology and legends. From the grim times of the Punic Wars, when Hannibal, the scourge of the Roman Republic, crossed the Alps, to the 15th century Hungarian Black Army's bloody clashes with the Ottoman Turks. From the sagas of the Northmen and the flames of their burning longships to the dark legends of foreign sorcerer lords of the Latvian past. Protean has engulfed it all in seven songs, each having its unique sound and approach to the story revealed in the lyrics.

Jānis Krivāns - bass, keyboards, drum programming, backvocal
Edmunds Vizla - guitar, backvocal
Jānis Bušs - vocal
Edgars Gultnieks - guitar
additional guitar on "The Longships are Burning" by Jēkabs Vilkārsis
additional drums on "Bringer Of Fear" by Edgars "Mazais" Krūmiņš
additional vocals on "Bringer Of Fear" and "The Black Army" by Edgars "Zirgs" Grabovskis,
Andrejs Planders, Viesturs Āboltiņš, Jānis Krivāns, Edmunds Vizla

Comes as digipak.

Released December 13, 2015

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