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N.K.R.T., TEMPLE - MMXXIII Prima Solstitium CD

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Brands Gladivs Records
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Release of September 23, 2023
CD in jewel-case, limited edition of 100 copies.

Ritual dark ambient / Dark folk

The N.K.R.T. and Temple projects come together here and create a complementary encounter.
N.K.R.T. welcomes us straight into a cave buried deep in the earth. A place where life and light have vanished for good. Here the claustrophobic feeling reigns supreme.
N.K.R.T. deploys a powerful chtonian energy. In this timeless place, death manifests itself through ghostly voices and their cold litanies. The raw, primal sound of bones clattering against each other acts upon us like a macabre mantra.
This part of the album feels like a premonition, a foreshadowing of the final void to come. In the distance, deep saturated hums grow louder and louder.
Suddenly, our captive bodies feel soothed; N.K.R.T.moves away and Temple takes our hands.
And it's into a softer, more ethereal atmosphere that our spirits will sail. The floating arpeggios and accompanying rhythmic elements lift us out of the icy abyss in which we were confined. Behind the chords and the sensitive play on the plucked strings, the human being, or the memory of him, takes shape.
Less abstract than the previous section, this part continues the funereal exploration, but with a more narrative and evocative approach.
On the road to death, nostalgic reflections of a past life shimmer across the final distances.
Then comes the final section. The path becomes narrower and steeper. N.K.R.T. and Temple combine their techniques here in a finale that feels like our last moments. Austerity and the frontal reality of emptiness mingle with melancholy. The body is soon no more, but in the midst of these now familiar echoes, we move inexorably and almost confidently towards the final frontier.

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