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L'AMARA - Cronache dal Sottosuolo LP

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Release of 2020.
Comes in a PVC bag, limited to 200 copies, including lyrics sheet, hand numbered.

The second chapter of L’Amara see the humiliated and offended by life as protagonists. Sometimes overwhelmed by a greater fate, they succumb devoured by that hellish mechanism that is the modern society, full of violence and psychosis. Blood stories, betrayals, murders that tell us the post mortem stories of some of the protagonists. Chronicles from the Underground is by its nature a kind of journey backwards in the memory of those who are no longer here. Each author brought his story, his nightmare.

Giovanni Leo Leonardi
(Siegfried, Carnera), Adriano Vincenti (Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte), Jonny Bergman (Nomotion), Vinz Aquarian (Calle della Morte), Gabriele Fagnani (Corazzata Valdemone, Solco Chiuso), Vido (Spiritocrampo), Daniele Iannacone (Sun’s Spectrum), Christian Ryder (Porta Vittoria, TourdeForce) Izzy Op de Beeck (Detour Doom Project) and many more…

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