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CORDE OBLIQUE - I Maestri del Colore CD

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Release of 2016.

The sixth album by Corde Oblique was conceived as a wooden palette used for mixing colors with sounds, the sounds of the colors are evoked by using lot of different musical instruments and musical styles. Almost all existing music tonalities have been used for the songs; moreover, every title refers to a different color and the graphic design is inspired to one of the most famous italian art history encyclopedias printed in the '60s.

The cover Picture is a photo from one of the main italian photographers: Franco Fontana.

The album includes 13 unreleased songs written and produced by the mastermind Riccardo Prencipe. Over 50 minutes of refined Progressive-Ethereal-Folk music. The album features various musicians and guests:

Riccardo Prencipe(electric, classical and acoustic guitar, ebow, medieval lute)
Edo Notarloberti (violin) (Ashram, Argine)
Umberto Lepore (bass, double bass)
Alessio Sica (drums) (Argine)
Annalisa Madonna (voice o tracks 6, 8, 9)
Caterina Pontrandolfo (voice on track 4)
Luigi Rubino (piano, synth)
Davide Afzal (bass on tracks 3, 12)
Alssandro D'Alessandro (diatonic accordeon)
Michele Maione (percussions)
Manuela Albano (cello)
Peppe Frana - MICROLOGUS ENSEMBLE - (oud)
Denitza Seraphimova - IRFAN - (voice on track 2)
Walter Maioli - SYNAULIA / AKTUALA - (Ney, flauto doppio tibetano, plagiaulos, flauto di pan, campanelli on track 5)
Charles Ferris - SINETERRA - (Tromba)Lorenzo Ceriani, Alberto Maria Ruta, Rossella Bertucci, Francesco Solombrino - QUARTETTO SAVINIO - (violoncello, primo violino, secondo violino, viola) on track 10.

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