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BRANDKOMMANDO - Jugoslavija 1941-1945 CD


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Brands Zoharum
Product Code: ZOHAR 281
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Release of January 23, 2023
Limited edition of 250 copies, comes as CD folded in ecopack.

The latest album of BRANDKOMMANDO, one of the most important Polish Power Electronics projects released by Zoharum. As in the case of previous publications, here we are dealing with a kind of concept-album referring to a specific topic. 1989 is dedicated to the events that took place in that year in Romania, when the oppressed community opposed the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife, leading to the capture, quick trial and express execution of the sentence. The blue-yellow-red flag with the insignia of the country’s communist party cut out became the symbol of these bloody, but very important, changes in Romania.

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