Underground Alliance


The Alliance of CASUS BELLI MUSICA & BEVERINA presents a new release of Pagan metal masters from Spain – a split album of CRYSTALMOORS and HORDAK! Cover art of this release was created by Norax, a vocalist of LUX DIVINA. Five compositions with total run of 41 minutes were recorded specially for this split album: 4 tracks by CRYSTALMOORS and 1 by HORDAK (20-minute epos!).

CRYSTALMOORS’ part is titled as “Árguma” in Cantabrian – paying an homage to a shrub called “gorse” (Ulex Europaeus) with 4-cm thorns, and deep and strong roots. Árguma (also known as Tojo) symbolizes the Cantabrian nation of the pre-Roman epoch, bristling in the same way for self-defense and deeply rooted in its native land.

Árguma grows throughout Europe and it is one of the native species of Cantabria (North Iberia), as well as one of the most dangerous 100 invasive species.

The part of HORDAK is titled as “Ophiusa”, it is a 20-minute song divided into 7 different chapters. Each chapter transforms through different musical environments, but all of them are bound by the same atmosphere and concept.

“Ophiusa” means “the land of the serpents”, it is one of the very first names the ancient Greeks used for the Iberian Peninsula.

“The lyrical concept behind it explores the light and shadows of our homeland from a devoted, but at the same time critical and skeptical point of view: dangerous, wild, difficult to be conquered…”

“Ophiusa” stands for HORDAK´s 5th opus – the band’s most challenging and experimental material so far.

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