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VIDNA OBMANA - Crossing the Trail CD

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Brands Zoharum
Product Code: ZOHAR 312-2
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Release date November 30, 2023.
Comes as CD in 6-pannel digipak.

This edition of "Crossing The Trail" is next installment of the informal series contains VIDNA OBMANA reissues. This time it is material that was originally published in 1998 by the American label Projekt. The album was recorded between 1996 and 1997, with guest appearances inc. Steve Roach, Jeff Pearce and Martina Verhoeven. The album contains seven compositions, characteristic of VIDNA OBMANA work from this period, also being a perfect link between "The River Of Appearance" and "The Surreal Sanctuary", which we also reissued as part of this series.

Especially for this release, the material was remastered by Dirk Serries in 2023. Edition was enriched with slightly refreshed graphics, traditionally based on Martina Verhoeven's photographs from the same period as the publication from Projekt.

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