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VICE WEARS BLACK HOSE - Lines of Black Nylon and Red Cut Throats CD

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Brands Old Europa Cafe
Product Code: OECD 338
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Release of April 15, 2024.

VICE WEARS BLACK HOSE (V.W.B.H.) is a collaborative project by 2 monsters of the American NOISE, P/E, HNW scene:
- Sam McKinlay aka THE RITA
- Richard Ramirez aka BLACK LEATHER JESUS
Project name was inspired by the Italian "Giallo" movie "Il Vizio ha le Calze Nere" (Italian translation of VWBH) released in 1975 by Tano Cimarosa.

No need to describe sounds as YOU know exactly what to expect.
If you need more words you don't need that CD.
Limited edition of 300 copies, comes as digipak.


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