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NORDVARGR / DRAKH - Northern Dark Supremacy CD

NOKTURNAL MORTUM - Голос Сталі = The Voice Of Steel 2CD

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Brands Oriana Productions
Product Code: OMCD16
Availability: 1

2015 re-release of 2009 album as deluxe 2CD edition.

Released in a deluxe 8-panel Digipak with two clear trays, one on each of the outermost inside panels, a 38-page booklet with silver print, and a 9-panel (single-side) poster. Features embossed silver logo and album title on the front of the Digipak.
Only 24 pages of the booklet are attached to the spine of the booklet. The other 14 pages are instead foldout pages each attached to one of the first 14 of the 24 bound pages.

Tracks 2-1, 2-3, 2-4
Previously Unreleased

© 2009 Nokturnal Mortum
℗ 2015 Oriana Music

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