STAAT UND ORGANISATION - Pr​é​sente Les Joyaux De La Princesse - Exposition Internationale - Arts Et Techniques - Paris 1937 MC

STAAT UND ORGANISATION - Devilish Musik Propaganda MC

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Release of July 2023.

Limited edition of 30 copies, shrink-wrapped.

"Religion has always been a form of Political Control of fragile minds, including Satanism." With "Devilish Musik Propaganda" Staat Und Organization tackles the phenomenon of religious fanaticism, moving from the main religions: Christian, to Islam, Jehova, Jews, Hinduism (no one seems to be spared) and mainly against the Divinity Amaterasu (mother of all religions and imposed as the only trait of union between doctrines so different from each other). The disc is quite robust, with intense tracks of death industrial and experimental noise. The songs are hypnotic, distressing, they maintain a subtle common trait in a dark, deformed and distorted atmosphere, like all the graphic work (on the cover Josephine Myrtle Corbin, an American woman from the 1800s who had a serious deformation). An agnostic representation of the real "believe" and how much these medieval practices can still condition society today.

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