SHOCKCITY / GREY WOLVES - Blood & Sand (Relaunched Stereo Mix) CD


SHRINE and MYTRIP - Descent 7"EP

SHRINE - Distorted Legends, Pt.3 7"EP

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Brands Corvus Records
Product Code: CRVS021V
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Release of 2021

Shrine is the experimental music project of Hristo Gospodinov acting in the fields of ambient, dark ambient and post industrial music since year 2003. This is the third installment in the "Distorted Legends" 7" vinyl series that started back in 2006 (the previous release was on Drone Records). Predominantly industrial, and very dynamic, the third part continues to explore the themes of civilization's decline, pollution, and genetic deterioration. The beautiful sound of destruction. Cover painting by Sylvia Gosse.

Comes in 7" gatefold-sleeve.

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