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SCRELOMA - Amplifying Hatred CD

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Brands Subliminal Propaganda
Product Code: SCR-91190
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Release date 23.11.2021
Limited edition of 100 copies, CD comes in jewel-case with OBI strip.

Screloma is the one-man Japanese power electronics / industrial noise project from Jun-ichi Takahashi (MOTHRA). His music closely represents the chaotic spiritual world of humans and is reminiscent of the soundtrack of a fictional war documentary film.
This is the 4th Screloma album - a work that follows the style of his previous cassette tape work "Screloma", but with a heavier sound.
The victims of hatred are endless.
Neither statement is correct.
There is only the hatred of being robbed of one's beloved family and friends. Recommended for those who like Kontinent, Kevlar, S.T.A.B. Electronics.

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