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КАЛЕВАЛА - Осень В Стиле Фолк - Акустический Концерт CD

ЕГЗОРЦИЗАМ / КАТАКОМБНАЯ ЦЕРКОВЬ - Мы были такими, как вы, вы будете такими, как мы CD

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Brands Corvus Records
Product Code: CRVS025CD
Availability: 5

Release of 2023.

Exorcism / Catacomb Church - We were like you, you will be like us mCD

Cooperative work of two artists, two long tracks.
Death industrial, dark ambient with a noisy layers.
Nihilistic, really dark and haunting and whispering winds are drowning into a Void, where there is no light.
Orthodox choir can be heard in the midst of the storm.
We were like you and you will be like us –dead. Abandon ye all hope.
Released in cardboard folder with conceptual Art.

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