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OGNESLAV - Solntsestoyaniye 10"MLP

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2021 release.
Limited edition of 150 copies, comes as 10" black vinyl, inside-out printed cover, silver pantone print,  8 pages booklet with lyrics

"Solntsestoyaniye" ("The Solstice") was recorded by Ogneslav (Na Rasputje, Rodovest) in 1999, and had not been published since then. This album was recorded live in just a couple of hours in the studio of the DK Profsoyuzov. Recorded on the eve of summer Solstice, the album became Ogneslav’s first experience of working in a professional studio. Unfortunately, this fact has negatively affected the record’s quality, but then it was decided to leave everything as it was. In the early 2000s, the artist posted the album on the Internet in some forums, and it was enthusiastically received by the audience.
The "Solntsestoyaniye" is a true classic of Russian acoustic heathen folk / neofolk.
Now, twenty-two years later, it is presented in improved sound on CD and 10 "Vinyl thanks to Luftschutzkerker (Switzerland) mastering.

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