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STORMFÅGEL - Den Nalkande Stormen CD


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Brands Zoharum
Product Code: ZOHAR 243-2
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Release date: 07.10.2021

CD folded in six-panel ecopack and limited to 300 copies.

Sphyxion returns with a second studio album for Zoharum and a third studio album at all. The musicians develop their own minimal synthwave formula, introducing it into completely new sound areas. This electronic incarnation of brothers Frederic and Olivier Charlot is a peculiar development of the musical formula of the Maninkari project (the main formation of the Charlot brothers), enriching it with a slightly mechanical, stronger, constantly pulsating rhythm. Despite the fact that the material follows the synthwave convention, it still carries a lot of plasticity, inherent in the richness of sounds, from many intricately woven from scraps of melodies ornaments. They create an atmosphere that evocatively affects the imagination of the listener by combining consciously the classical instruments and electronics in their own way. The musicians could have acquired that illustrative nature of their works both from their academic education and considerably rich experience gained e.g. while working on sounding theatrical performances or composing movie scores.

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