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AGHAST - Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis CD

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Brands Infinite Fog Productions
Product Code: EPP 014CD
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Release of 2020.
Eternal Pride Productions / Infinite Fog Productions

Aghast was a project by Nebelhexe and Nacht, released in 1994. This album was released back then by the legendary Cold Meat Industry and is now presented in a great re-edition Vinyl by Eternal Pride. "Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis" is the real dark and gloomy ambiance played in a classical dark wave vein. Minimalism in musical content, compensated by spooky and ice-cold vocals that will haunt you. Macabre enchantresses will seduce you and take you to their ghastly realm. Hear gods cry and angels fall. Listen to horror and beauty. Let Aghast bewitch you! Definitely one of the best Dark Ambient albums of all time.

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