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SURI - Spacerider LP

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Brands Majemuk Records
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Heavy but not hard, comes from Indonesia.
Glance of a words that represent their experiment in musical scene, consist of minimalist player but for a maximum output of a result. Its only 3 personnel behind the instrument but their make their way to the listener mind.

Combining a blues riff and heavy tunes it’s a blast to everyone ears.
It ’s like running in the crowd but on a slow motion, its heavy, hectic, noisy and exciting experience.
Their lyrics typically involving the life, anger, self-analyzing, mutual perspective in point of problem solving and opiate. Their E.P titled “KisahKasihLokalisasi” launched in 2010 and makes their way to the idealism and segmented market here in Jakarta Indonesia. Their first E.P got an enormous response from the listener. Nor because the ep title that quite controversial and the music it’s quite a blast.
On february 2012 they've release their first debut album called "MOTHOLOGY". The titles represent their music matureness in terms of sound,lyric and atmosphere. Mothology came from the word "Moth" that they believe their music in to the phase of imago of a moth become a butterflies, mature and beautiful.
And now they’re gonna take you with their spaceshot, please welcome “SPACERIDER”

Released April 18, 2014
Comes as blue vinyl, limited to 250 copies.

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