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SELTAR - Autoscopia LP

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Brands Beverina & Casus Belli Musica
Product Code: BP 126 / CBM 086LP
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Limited edition of 100 copies, comes as purple vinyl.

SELTAR is a US-based project focused on the ancient, the cosmic, and the ancestral realms expressed through atmosphere and melancholia.
Shimmering lights silhouette the dense trees, obscuring the landscape. In solitude, the body rests vacant as time evaporates into the ether. A cosmic ancestral energy perfuses the spirit inciting it to depart the physical realm. This intangible power emanating with the accumulated wisdom from distant eras hearkens the lifeforce towards a transdimensional journey to experience worlds beyond. The ego is abandoned. Gazing upon its exhausted earthly chassis, the spirit is enchanted into an ancient passage to attain fathomless vision. Autoscopia is a series of hymns to detach from this dimension and travel to a spectral plane.
SELTAR was initiated in MMXV and is the expression of sole composer Invierno.

SELTAR - is also side-project of WINDFAERER.

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