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DÉLICE - Sillage LP lim.100

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Brands Beverina & Casus Belli Musica
Product Code: BP094 / CBM054
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Orange vinyl, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Includes bonus track (for this edition), special vinyl mastering.

The alliance of CASUS BELLI MUSICA and BEVERINA presents the debut album “Sillage” of the Russian atmospheric / melancholic black metal / blackgaze project DÉLICE.

DÉLICE is a new brainchild of B.M., known for his projects SKYFOREST, A LIGHT IN THE DARK, ANNORKOTH, AUTUMN'S KINGDOM, HIKI. The music on “Sillage” is marked with a sad smile, and it’s deeply emotional, melancholic, romantic. It creates something special in the mood distinguishing this album among many “brothers in trade”.

The album "Sillage" will be of interest for the fans of ADORN, MOROSE and HYPOMANIE.

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