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SRUB - Swale CD

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СРУБ - Топь
Release of 2014.

CD in jewel-case.

Mix of Occult Rock, Post Punk, Dark Folk and New Wave.

"ТOПЬ" means SWALE on english. The first part of the trilogy "Swale. Shadow. Fog."

Swale - first simbol. First step in dark. Dive into the limbo.
Songs of dying herbs. Anticipation of the night. Twilight. One of the faces of YOU, who going "By The Secret Paths".


”Phenomenal. Most important discovery of the year, the best album of the year and best album in any kind of Russian Rock music for last 15 years.” - CTHULHU COLLECTOR

”Best album if the year…” - Atmospheric Doom Metal

"Feels like the band’s absolute detachment from the present day events is what makes it Russia's most actual band of the time." - 10/10 - RockCult

"Wicked herbs cut at night by the devils using knifes made of foxes jaws, misty swamps, thickets and windbreaks, ferns, barbed wet branches striking your face, the fear of someone unexpectedly touching your shoulder on an empty path through the predawn field and distant sounds of evil laughter. All of this is here."- The Gazing Abyss

"The album immediately plunges the listener into the maelstrom. This is one of the main SRUB features - a deep sound made with relatively poor equipment. The sound canvas is drawn by buzzing semi-liquid synths, a guitar breaking through them, distinctive bit with hi-hats starring, and of course the voice of Igor Shapranskiy. His singing is so much enchanting that you start to mention the lyrics only by the end of the album. The sound of SRUB is cold and aloof as if it were calling into the swamp, in a quagmire, where the listener will inevitably drown. The feeling of being deep in the wild either near the abandoned hunting lodge or in the moss-covered woods, or at the quiet forest lake is accomplished by using the sample sounds of frogs croaking and wild birds singing.
And this is yet another SRUB unique feature – the atmosphere of Slavonic Occultism and Pagan Mysticism brought by the original lyrics and viscous sound. " - 9/10 - BritishWave

"While we predict an inglorious demise for all the Joy Division imitators, the Russian post-punk becomes more and more compelling. SRUB’s debut full-format album is opened by tons of heavy grooves and reverberation. Authentic devilry penetrates deeply into the lyrics and melodies of SRUB. Something comparable could be heard on “Pornography” of The Cure. The indisputable achievement of “By the secret path” is the omnipresence of an ancient Russian horror. "- Katkov Hype Music Blog

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