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La STPO - Les Explositionnistes CD

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La Société Des Timides À La Parade Des Oiseaux

Release of 2018.
First released on Prikosnovénie in 1995.
Recorded and mixed by Fred Chaplain 1993-1995.
Remastered by Fred Chaplain 2010.

Abstract, Art Rock, Avantgarde, Experimental, Post Rock, Prog Rock ...


I have listened to the STPO’ album many, many times and the pleasure it gives me is so great that it pushes me to write these few lines just to say thanks and to invite you to enjoy this very remarkable work.

These are wonderful compositions that look like Expressionist paintings, combining electric (guitar, bass and synthesizer) and acoustic (drums, percussions, cello and sax) sounds in a refined and strong way at the same time.
Likewise, Pascal Godjikian’s versatile beautiful voice’s either high and ethereal or low and throaty as if it came from underground.

I cannot choose one song rather than another, since I love all of them equally. Beauty is to be found not only in the music, but also in the STPO sleeves .

Avantgard, Progressive, New Wave are the kinds of music that you usually mention trying to categorize the STPO’ music, but there is no doubt that their style is completely personal and unique.
Wanting anyhow to make a comparison I would move again into another artistic field quoting Ariel’ songs from Shakespeare’s The Tempest: something inexplicable, unexpected, disconcerting….absolutely wonderful. Something for which the one who happens to listen to it asks: “Where should this music be?
In the air or the earth?”


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