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DID - End Of Xibalba CD

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Brands Zoharum
Product Code: ZOHAR 242-2
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Release date: 07.10.2021

CD folded in six-panel digipack, strictly limited to 300 copies.

"End of Xibalba" (Xibalba - the mythological place of fear and pain) is a full-length, solo album of DID - the artist, who previously appeared in the Zoharum's catalogue thanks to cooperation with Michał Jabłońki, appearing in two songs on his CD "Humanity". Her latest album reveals a slightly different approach of the artist, who composes music on the edge of drone and ambient genre. Her live performances which refer to the concept of "End of Xibalba" are accompanied by a vocal story that guides the listeners through the peculiar corridors of their interiors. Troublesome might seem the fact that the story is told in a language that does not actually exist ... or perhaps this story denudation from contemporarily known words brings us closer to understanding what is really import antfor the individual recipient ...

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