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CLARET ASH – The Great Adjudication: Fragment One LP

CLARET ASH – The Great Adjudication LP + LP

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Brands Beverina & Casus Belli Musica
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What is in essence a double album (Containing both Fragment One and Fragment two digitally and on Vinyl). This album brings together the concept of a world torn, exploring the great divide between humans and nature and the inevitable collapse. Exploring the journey of life, the realization of our impact on nature and our shifting focus through technology, the violence and intensity grows song by song. The later tracks recognize the compassion some individuals hold and the quest for change that some embark on, but ultimately the masses will be caught in the divide and feel the wrath of nature's retort. Each song stands on its own but together serves as the warning of our devolution. This is your invitation into the world of The Great Adjudication. Do you dare to commit to the world, read the lyrics and focus on the music as it rips you apart, leaving you a shell of your former self?


No Clean Singing - premiere
Black Metal Promotion - premiere
Broken Tomb - 9/10
Atra Mors Metal Promotion 8.5/10
Blessed Altar Zine 8.5/10
Cvlt Legion - 8/10
Metal Trenches - 9/10
Headbangers Latinoamerica - Top 30 May albums


- "there’s a plethora of blackened brilliance on display across the length and breadth of this album" - No Clean Singing


- "a very decent black metal album" - Can This Even Be Called Music?


- "the quality of music is guaranteed" - Broken Tomb 9/10


- "it's one of the best albums of this year." - Atra Mors Metal Promotion 8.5/10


- "top-notch quality songwriting and a visually striking presentation" - Blessed Altar Zine 8.5/10

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