VINTERRIKET - Horizontmelancholie CD/DVD


VIR MARTIALIS - Metapolemos II - The Spiritual Aesthetics of War CD


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Brands Avantgarde Music
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Release of 2019.

Comes as 6-panel digipak with UV finish.

If you want your soul to be smashed to smithereens in the best way possible, a good place to start is with post-metal. For Azerbaijan’s Violet Cold, bright, steadily building riffs were not enough, so he took matters several steps further. By building on the best of what new-school metal has to offer with ethereal samples and spacey beats, Violet Cold is a part of an experimental movement whose significance might not yet be completely comprehensible. While the legacy being constructed in front of our very eyes remains to be fully known, what is clear is that it feels damn good. The atmosphere that is maintained through Violet Cold’s recent surprise Valentine's Day release kOsmik breathes life into everything it touches, lifting you up to a higher plane where you can survey scenes that are the subject of paralyzing nostalgia. -

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