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TEATRO SATANICO - Der Tod in Venedig CD

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9 tracks, 65 minutes, CD, A5 sized 4 panel digipak, limited edition of 170 copies.

Here we have a unique release - reissue of the long sold out album, so unusual that its extravagance can only compete with the cause of such a collection of rare compositions.
The album title sounds a bit pretentious, but it has very few lines of contact with famous literary and cinematographic sources.
"Death in Venice" refers to the famous "Island of the Dead - San Michele", the necropolis, privileged refuge for the dead of this city on the water. This place is famous for the numerous burial places of renowed artists, and already in the second number we meet one of the "Cantos" by Ezra Pound who found his last resort in this place. Free poetry of this eminent American rebellion has to be heard, not read... music as expression, words as echoes, spoken long time ago. The Italians will never disown their sacred and forbidden figures of their culture, and the third number features lines from the monster novel, the mystery novel, unfinished, interrupted by the author's death - "Il Petrolio" by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Sound design, musical patterns, peculiar flow of images made of deadly techno rhythms and hissing layering synthesizer backgrounds. Spiral up further, another symbolic figure of Julius Evola is waiting for us. Text from the book "Meditations on the Peaks" disclosing the sacred symbolism of mountains as habitation of gods, where rulers and warriors go, where yogis achieve full liberation. The atmosphere is rarefied, so little oxygen that one has to breath deeply, feeling ringing in ears because of pressure, but the beauty has to overpower all unpleasant feelings. What next? The song with the same title as a theoretic book about suicide, we hear flappings of predatory owls in the night. From which world have these messengers come? Or was it a gondola that brought us to cypresses of San Michele? It's early to disembark, the rhythm pulls swings up and down, up and down. The original album is supplemented with three tracks, visions and insights continue. Charon hasn't yet received the payment for transportation, still lying under the deadman tongue according to the funeral rite...

All tracks produced and recorded by Devis Granziera between 2010 and 2011, except 07 and 08 produced recorded in 2013. 09 recorded live at TNT Club, Milan (Italy), 2013.
All tracks reconstructed & mixed in 2016.

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