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SKVERNA LINIYA - В венке из воска (In a Garland of  Wax) CD


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Brands St.An.Da. / Silentes
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Release of October 1, 2022.

Simon Balestrazzi's (T.A.C., Candor Chasma, Daimon, Hidden Reverse, Dream Weapon Ritual, Sarang and more) new effort makes use of rather sparse instrumentation.

The prepared strings of a battered Ukrainian tsymbaly (a percussion-stringed instrument similar to the hammered dulcimer) are excited with an eBow and only occasionally struck. Also they are processed in real time through a ring modulator, a digital spectral delay and a looper, stretching the sonic possibilities in an unnatural way.

This iridescent mass, sometimes rich in abrasive clatters, sometimes in profound resonating harmonics, is intertwined with the droning undulations of a vintage VCS3 synthesizer.

Finally the rare tolls of UFIP Ogororo plates offer a sombre punctuation. These few elements conjure a deep and subtle tangle of flickering forms that guide us through a meditative and almost trance-inducing process.

Conceived as a three-part suite, "Atti Innaturali" stretches the listener across time and space.

Comes as CD in 6-panel digisleeve limited to 200 copies.

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