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RYR - Shadow from All Shadows CD

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Brands Ufa Muzak
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9 tracks, 53 minutes, CD, glossy 4 sided digipack, limited edition of 160 copies.

Apocalyptic industrial. New chapter of the dark apocalyptic saga.
Second part of the trilogy started with the album "Until the End of Time". Obscure transcendental atmosphere evolves in the new direction. Beton labyrinth provokes the visions of the supreme archetype, the war continues on the new level, echo rages in agony searching for the way out. Noise loops bring the altered state of cosciousness, trying to make out the difference between dream and reality, to find the secret door of all doors, to solve the Demiurge's second riddle. If "The end of time" was the beginning of the alchemy process, death of the world, a prophecy and a hope, then the "Shadow" is the red stage, the catatonic search in smoke and blood. Nostalgic madness, infinitely winding deja vu. We offer you to solve this puzzle, probably you've already heard all this long time ago... in another life... The album features contributions from ULTRAPOLAR INTRUSION and T-WALD.

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