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ROTAT - Grease District CD

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Brands Freak Animal Records
Product Code: FREAK-CD-099
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Rotat started doing obscure hand assembled tapes, mixing utmost vile perversion with demented humor. His early works was influenced by names like Taint and Smell & Quim. This Finnish ripping noise savage did only two releases before Freak Animal was convinced that he needs actual full CD release. Carnal Beauty was published on CD and well received among fanatics of fierce noise. Project gained attention outside Finland, publishing further tapes on labels like Narcolepsia and Obsessive Fundamental Realism. Return under banner of Freak Animal comes in from of ”Grease District” CD. Sound is developed further. Razor sharp distortions, painful feedback and industrial-noise, very crispy sound what offers good variation from seemingly live takes of noise blasts to multi-layered and more complex structures. Spirit offers something that could file also under most savage power electronics, yet it would be safe to say what we have here is traditional good harsh noise album!

Released April 2018

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