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Release of 2022.

Jewel-case edition with 4-page booklet incl. poster in A2 format.

Since giving his first signs of life in 2015, ROTAT has been among the hottest newcomers of the prolific and innovative Finnish Harsh Noise scene. When looking at the already sizeable discography, which features entries on acclaimed labels such as Freak Animal, Narcolepsia and Obsessive Fundamental Realism, it is not surprising to see where this appreciation stems from.

The sounds are always well-crafted and full of life, crisp and flow together in nifty arrangements. There is a definitely European nature to the dirt and organic vibe of Rotat's Noise, oftentimes evoking feelings of Smell and Quim, old school Russian metaljunk and maybe even traces of German Noise peculiarities, but ROTAT has so much own identity and drive that it must be described as what it is: a wholly new type of beast. The demented humour the mastermind behind the project utilises tops this feeling off nicely, making this outfit from Finland unlike anything one hears in Industrial Noise nowadays.

The recent full-length "Disfigured Onanist" takes all the aspects Rotat is loved (and hated) for and cranks them up a notch. Walls of filth rise and fall, ripping feedback squeals over the sounds of metal sheets and power tools and oddly enticing modulation. Blocks of heavy sound manage to be brutish but still subtle at the same time and create atmospheres of unhinged lust and celebration of sonic mayhem, which immediately make you see the hairy, heavy-set screwball in his noise shed clanking on bizarre instruments.

Rotat's "Disfigured Onanist" is truly a pulverising experience. Everything feels hands-on and thought-out, while still being no holds barred Noise violence, which has nothing hip or polished about it. Sonic harsh mastery at its best and not to be missed by any aficionado!

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