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MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA - Private Thoughts Recordings CD

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Brands St.An.Da. / Silentes
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Release of 2021.
CD ltd. 200 copies in 6-panel ecopack/digifile.

Nine years after the death of Pierpaolo Zoppo, an unforgettable artist and a forerunner of Industrial Music with his Mauthausen Orchestra 'cult' project, this new CD of completely unreleased material - containing tracks he composed between 2009 and 2012 - is finally released by Standa.
The album - a release which has been officially authorised by his family - shows us Pierpaolo Zoppo at the peak of his artistic maturity: after investigating the most extreme and intransigent sounds for years with impetus, he finds a moment of reflection and some quietness, without completely abandoning its original instinctive and 'wild' nature, he knocks corners and softens forms, giving us ten tracks of music/non-music as 'strong' as ever, but at the same time touching and 'poetic' as never before.
"Private Thoughts Recordings" (the title of the album was taken from notes that Pierpaolo himself had pinned with a felt-tip pen on a few home-burned discs containing his original recordings) is perhaps the best gift that the artist could have letft us before departing for his long journey, and the most intense proof of his deep sensitivity and his incredible avant-garde 'sound visions'. A final chapter absolutely not to be missed.

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