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LUGOLA - The Truth Penetrates Your Mouth CD

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Brands Zoharum
Product Code: Zohar 309-2
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Release date November 7, 2023.
Comes as CD in a 6-panel digipak, limited edition of 300 copies.

"The Truth Penetrates Your Mouth" is the second full-length album and the third publication of the Polish project, whose debut has already caused quite a sensation on the Power Electronics scene. A few months after the premiere of "You Are Not A Special", its second edition was released (Both by Steinklang Industries). This only confirms the good feedback  that LUGOLA has received from the beginning. It also had an impact on concert activity. Having a sensational debut, the project quickly made its way to performances at festivals and events in Poland and abroad, often sharing the stage with the important representatives of this genre. The second album "The Truth Penetrates Your Mouth" brings nine new songs with an even stronger emotional charge, finding their outlet in the massive, pulsating and noisy structures, composing the background to manifestos shouted suggestively and uncompromisingly, leaving no prisoners behind. Radical Musical Terrorism practiced in this way only confirms that the debut only announced what was to come, and LUGOLA's project proves that he still has something interesting to offer in this genre.

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