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KREIVISKAI - Zemmis : Supnāi CD

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Release of 2014.
Comes as digipak.

The band KREIVISKAI (Prussian "in Kryvyan", "Kryvyan") was founded in Tver’ in 2013. The aim of the band is the return of forgotten musical authenticity and mythology of Tver’ (and wider – of Kryviya) by means of Tver’ old instruments.
The debut album “Zemmis Supnāi” includes traditional tunes of Tver’ together with elements of ambient, dungeon synth, neofolk, martial, so the regional folklore finds a new reading in other, archeofuturistic, way.
Track by track – the original arrangement of sacral/ritual ethnic music gives way to the band’s own songs; the speech of nowadays echoes with local dialects and Baltic ancestors’ ancient language; the music canvas summons up, one by one, forgotten voices of old instruments of Tver’: solemn Kryvyan bagpipes, an inviting Kryvyan horn, a meditative gusli (the oldest Russian multi-string plucked instrument), an anxious hurdy-gurdy, a glib gudok (a string instrument, played with a bow), magical vargans (guimbardes), ornate flutes.
The album is constructed as an annual calendar cycle – alternating ritual acts of different seasons close up, and start from the very beginning – showing a listener the Life’s breath and the Eternity’s majesty, while the ritual rhythms together with somnolent hissing noise of a gramophone record plunges a listener into a semi-trance state.

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