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I​.​M​.​d​.​P. feat. SCRPC - ACT 084 / Hyper Sprawl Renaissance CD

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Brands Abhorrent Creation Tapes
Product Code: ACT084
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Release of March 10, 2024

I.M.d.P. (also known for a while as IL MESTRUO DELLE PUTTANE ) was a harsh noise project run by a formerly member of the Q.309 Network from 1998 to 2012.
Recently we have resumed this name in 2023 and infected him with the sonic 309 virus of SCORPIACEE unifying those emanation on a new coordinate.

39 minutes that represent the return to a harsh noise framework which is a subliminal message with references to the 309 frequency.
2 files, 2 locations and 2 passwords to extract an encrypted message through 6 pieces of electro abuse straight from the sprawl.

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