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COLOSSLOTH - Promethean Meat CD

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Brands Cold Spring
Product Code: CSR315CD
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Release date August 19, 2022
Comes as digipak.

Rhythmic industrial noise - grinding and churning, drenched in crushing doom-laden guitars - drapes the sacrificial bones of the new album from esoteric electronic alchemist COLOSSLOTH.

Building on this trademark sound, pushing and striving for reinvention and renewal, Colossloth has also utilised live instrumentation and ethereal vocals, and black metal blast beats on certain tracks for the first time to enhance the intent behind the music. Digitally-driven soundtracks for transfigured cities and myths born in the wilderness of Albion.

"An unknown voice deep within the landscape reveals a clandestine location. A place of arcane mechanics, a cathedral of divine engines suspended in primal matter. Turbulence forms amidst amorphous strata, the polarised elements stretch out and then return once more to a singular form, gauging an ecology of discordant time down newly formed vertices. Crystallised dreams spin wild atmospheres into the horizons and fill the localised spaces with the remnants of passive machinations and distant mutterings, the devices allocating into their framework the offerings set forth".

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