BASTRADS OF LOVE - Summer Destination EP CD


CAFÉ DE L'ENFER ‎- Marchant À Quatre Pattes Au​-​devant De La Rédemption CD

BLOODSOIL - Domination CDR

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Brands Ufa Muzak
Product Code: UFA59
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7 tracks, 50 minutes, pro-CDr, 6-sided cardboard cover, lim.166.
Martial industrial
Released 2013

Grandiose album of a Spanish project, an official document of political and aesthetic position, musical statement of the eternal principles. Images of the past and the future overtaken by war, by eternal opposition in attempts of consolidation of the new truths. What can be considered as a renewal of tradition? The old and irrelevant, being just a form without content, or a revolutionary view opposite to engrained order? Fire from explosion in an orchestra pit licks wooden partitions separating the pit from the stage, damaged instruments make crooked squeaky sounds, the curtain is slowly caught by fire, the audience tries to get outside, but the doors are barricaded and only fists puching the doors add more chaos to the situation. There are VIP guests in the crowd, surrounded by security, but noone can hope for the happy end. Hands with weapons seen in the mass of people, sounds of shots and the enemy is down, no agitation, payment for the few - hundreds of innocents. These are the sounds of a symphony of a take-over. Sounds of triumph, sounds of history and sounds of mourning.

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