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BLACK CLAW - Thieving Bones CD

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Brands Der Schwarze Tod
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Release of 2016.

Black Claw founding member and head preacher Reverend Claw knows that you are damned. However he does not want to save your soul, he simply wants to set it free. Free into the vile pit, the meaningless void, the great unending darkness. The bad Reverend knows that you cannot be, nor do you want to be saved from your sins. Like him, you love your vulgar ways, your drinking, your whoreing, your plans for murder and mayhem. No, all you need to be saved from is the boredom of the life of ease that you have inherited from the toil and sacrifice of your pioneering forebears. And what better way to do this than to sing, stomp and holler along with this Canadian black woods preacher as he sings intoxicating, and intoxicated stories, that echo your own dark thoughts. This is how he will indeed save you. Not from the devil, but from yourself. From the horror that is a world of meaningless ease, doomed to decay, like your own sad selfish soul. You are not alone. Let us scream at the night together.

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