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AURA NOCTIS - Vitae Proelium CD

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Release of 2012, comes as 8 panel digipak +sticker.

Second album by this extraordinary Spanish project! After the well received debut "Itineris I" (2011, Twilight Records), Aura Noctis returns with an album that is a must have for lovers of bands such as Arcana, Ordo Equitum Solis, Elend, Ophelia’s Dream, Ordo Funebris, and Trobar de Morte. Inspired by romanticism and nature, Aura Noctis aims to transport us to those places where the mind has never been, arousing the fantasy that is latent within all of us. Their melodies seek to be the hope that drives away the pain. Although it's a classical dualism concept in ancient poetry - a descent into the chamber of profound obscurity with a pale ray of light - this music is sad, as all beauty is sad. Orchestral music with cold, mesmerising, dormant neoclassical melodies, with two great female vocalists chanting full of prickling pain.

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