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Melodic Black metal, comes as digipack.
Released October 20, 2017

20 years since the debut album "The return of the dark warriors" past. After their gifted Heathen Metal trilogy, ANDRAS fans have now spent seven long years on the seventh full-length album called "Reminiscences ..." waiting. The title here is program "Reminiscences ..." reminds of three chapters on the great black metallic motifs that shaped both the band and the entire scene right from the start: spirituality, heresy and home-boundness. For 67 minutes, the listener can listen to the 1990s spirit of the eternal ANDRAS sound in a mature garb. The pieces are straightforward and leave ample room for deep atmosphere, demonic aggression and epic homage of the Ore Mountains. The legendary Saxon Black Metal quartet consists of the band founder and guitarist NIGHTSKY, the new singer KHENAZ, the key player GHWERIG as well as the veteran BLACK ABYSS on bass, who in some parts also celebrates his vocal return on this record. The line-up was supplemented with various guest musicians, i.a. with the former drummer SHARDIK. Was recorded "Reminiscences ..." at the Cryptsound Studio in Aue and the unmistakably clear finishing took over ex ANDRAS member FARAGO. A 20-page booklet, designed with works by exceptional talent Thomas Huth, supplied with the digipak CD.

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