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Brands Beverina & Casus Belli Musica
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REMASTERED REISSUE 2019! Comes as 8-panel matte laminated digipak, pit-art CD, limited to 300 copies 

The alliance of CASUS BELLI MUSICA and BEVERINA proudly presents a remastered re-release of the outstanding debut album “Restoration” by AMIENSUS (Progressive Atmospheric Black, USA)! The album saw the light in the end of 2012, and after 6 years, it achieved its deeper and richer sound with a wide dynamic range as a result of remastering. The album will not leave you indifferent, and this deluxe 8-panel matte digipack and pit-art decorated CD limited to 300 copies, will rightfully take its place in any collection. 

The well-respected music portal NO CLEAN SINGING said about the album the following: “An unusual and unexpected delight, Restoration is a fine addition to the growing pantheon of American black metal – a style that I think has truly found its own identity, wearing its heart on its sleeve without regard for the judgmental restrictions of the established orthodoxy – and will no doubt appeal to fans of Agalloch, Oak Pantheon, and Woods of Ypres. Yet its gloomy light and shrouded divinity should also find a home in the hearts of those with a love of the more emotive side of In Mourning and Swallow The Sun, to whose sound much of Restoration is a distant cousin. 

Ostensibly a melodic, subtly progressive black metal act, with more than a touch of the earthen, resilient power of Drudkh, there’s definitely a dark beauty and pronounced gothic streak to be found on the record – particularly with the abundance of soaring, bleakly emotive clean vocals – which showcase a massive amount of potential and a laudable level of ambition and creativity from the Minnesotan five-piece.” 

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- "If I had to put a list of my top 15 albums of this decade, the debut full length ”Restoration” from Minnesota’s Amiensus would definitely be on it." - (10/10)

- "...the band has a great deal of talent and passion..." - VT Metal Reviews (77/100)

- "If album number one is this accomplished I can only imagine what album number two will be like." - Wonderbox Metal

- "...a wonderfully written album [..] Listen, love, and add it to your collection..." - Metalheads (9/10)

- "“Restoration” is a very melodic album with unique atmosphere. The band has beautiful lyrics with a poetic philosophical melancholic mood." - Metal Soundscapes (8,5/10)

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