WITCHER - A Gyerty​á​k Csonkig Égnek CD


WITCHER - Néma Gyász CD

WITCHER - A Gyerty​á​k Csonkig Égnek LP

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Brands Beverina
Product Code: BP136
Availability: 10

RELEASE DATE: April 7, 2023

Limited edition of 100 copies.
Comes as BLACK vinyl and printed 12"size inlay.

Hungarian Witching Black Metal.
Beverina vinyl edition of sold out WITCHER's 2nd album from 2019.

The second album, originally released in 2019, will be available again on vinyl, limited to 100 copies. On the album aside from the 4 original songs, there is also a Tchaikovsky cover, the very well-known Swan Lake, following the footsteps of such bands as Summoning, early Dimmu Borgir or Wolves in the Throne Room.

Here will be no other editions, only this!

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