VIR MARTIALIS - Metapolemos II - The Spiritual Aesthetics of War CD


VON THRONSTAHL - Bellum, Sacrum Bellum​!​? MC


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Brands Cold Spring
Product Code: CSR268CD
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Digipack CD, released 2019

As Vivian Slaughter morphs into Viviankrist, the music also changes from the intense cold desperation and raw nerve brutality of GALLHAMMER into a kaleidoscope of electronic sounds... still brutal and shattering, and still depicting soundscapes that close in on the darker side of the soul.

A way to escape the dull pressure of a reality that sometimes seems to slip away into psych wards and chemicals. A reaction towards indifference. A shard of mentality released in wave after wave of fully analogue sounds, sometimes disturbed by digital intrusions.

The twilight and dawn of things to come from a renewed Viviankrist.

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