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THE BLACK MORIAH - Road Agents of the Blast Furnace CD

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Brands Folter Records
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2019 release.

Seditiously, maliciously, and hostile, the horde of highwaymen ride on! With The Black Moriah's second full-length release, they gear up for a journey of carnage across barren
landscapes. ""Road Agents of the Blast Furnace"" is a never-yielding, all-consuming raid, hellbent on tormenting every town in its path.
For the release of their sophomore effort, T.B.M. have made an alliance with Folter Records. With this mighty underground force, the audio plague known as The Black Moriah will
relentlessly spread Vulture Culture throughout the land. Look to the horizon for the demented highwaymen this year. They come to pillage your village
and soil your doves. Bring your gold and pay tribute or face the wrath of this desert funeral party.

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