SUTCLIFFE JUGEND and JUNKO - Sans Palatine Uvula CD


SYNOMORPH - Recorded in Hell CD


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Brands Ufa Muzak
Product Code: UFA61
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9 tracks, 35 minutes, CDr, 6-sided cardboard cover + sticker, lim.98.
Released 2012
Last album of the project, not big in content, but capacious in meaning, a sad harbinger of dark social events. The "visiting card" album for the visions of the future, clearly shown in a graphic illusion on a cover. The subtitle for this piece in five acts can be the sentence from the booklet: "Recurrence of civil war, that's what awaits us". The agony of the society, right-wing reation, guerilla warfare, traditionalism, a century of terror, the state machine, censorship of knowledge, repression, prisons, explosions - these concepts came to author while composing this album. Musically it's restrained and cold and can create the feeling of detachment, but this is just an appearance and a condition of the avantgarde genre. Rumbling storming squall noising out the background events changes into calmness leading the ship of despair upon the waters of Styx. Timelessness and idleness serve as punishment, the spring is stretched to the limit. History repeats itself!

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