SUNSET WINGS - Королева Смокв CD

SUNSET WINGS - Waving Whispering Trees CD

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Brands Shadowplay Release
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Release of 2018.

Come as digipak with booklet, limited to 300 copies.

We carry our devotion to Pre-Raphaelitian art through the years – from the birth of Sunset Wings – paintings and poems of the Brotherhood members have always been a great inspiration for us. There is a special place in our hearts for Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his oeuvre – our band's name was chosen from Rossetti’s poem of the same title. This compilation is a tribute to this great painter and poet, the songs on his poems were composed and recorded over a decade of Sunset Wings existence. Together with new unreleased material the album includes our old reworked songs performed with the participation of our good friends from Moon Far Away, Romowe Rikoito, Brodsky, Albireon, Die Zwei, Zeuk. Our love and words of gratitude to everyone who took part in this release.

Recorded at Wirrs Sound Bunker and AV-Records studio, Königsberg, 2008 – 2018.
Mixed at Wirrs Sound Bunker. Mastered by Johnny at AV-Records studio.

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