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SUN VESSEL - Etched in Eternity CD

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Release of April 29, 2023
CD comes in digipak with 8 pages booklet.

Neofolk / dark folk project from Australia, in the vein of Death in June, Current 93 and related.

Definitive victory over the storms and triumph of Eden. The dismantling of the great wheel of time is followed by the cycles of the ether where man enters into real communion. "Etched in eternity" celebrates this harmony.
The echo of the voices resounds, strong, serene, deep and imbued with a sober felicity characteristic of souls inclined to the detachment of heights.
The instruments take part in the balance; the guitars weave the peaceful base of the canvas and the light orchestrated layers wrap the whole of a glittering veil, thus opening the way of the great ways.
To the vanquished shadows, then remains the golden vestiges bathed in light of the eternal city of airin.

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